Throughout life, events such as getting married, the birth of children, a promotion at work, divorce and retirement all present opportunities to take stock and reassess your finances.
Some of the questions that are raised in such times include:
  • Am I still investing in the right areas?
  • How does this event change my financial outlook?
  • Am I still as equipped for what the future may now bring?
  • Do I need to alter my estate planning?
  • Can I still afford the retirement I have planned?
  • Do I need to amend my will?
  • Do I need to adjust my risk profile?
Especially during times of high emotion, it is not uncommon for views to become clouded by sentiment which can sometimes lead to hasty and poor decision making. At Infinance, we are here to ensure that the financial decisions you make are taken with a clear head and are in your best interests.
Bringing It All Together
We use an all-encompassing, planning-led method to investment management. We bring together all the information available to develop a plan that is created especially for you and incorporates the elements that affect your financial situation. From estate and education planning, risk, step .
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